Representative Articles

“Why Ratings/Rankings?,” Legal Writing, Reasoning, and Research Section Newsletter (Spring 2005) at 3

“Hidden Payoffs from Visiting Professorships,” 18 The Second Draft 14 (2004)

“Creating the Federal Judicial Center’s New Illustrative ‘Model’ Plain Language Action Notices,” 13 Class Actions & Derivative Suits 10 (Spring 2003) (with Todd Hilsey)

“A Challenge from the Future: Legal Writing, 2009,” 9 Legal Writing: J. of L. W. Institute 111 (2003)

“The Federal Judiciary Center’s Model Plain Language Class Action Notices: A New Tool for Practitioners and the Judiciary,” 4 Bureau of National Affairs 182 (March 2003) (with Todd Hilsee)

“Teaching Student Editors to Edit, 9 Perspectives 124 (2001)

“The Nuts and Bolts of Article Selection and Criteria,” 30 Stetson L. Rev. 437 (Fall 2000)

“People, traffic jams, minarets, donkeys—Cairo!” Austin American-Statesman (March 25, 2001)

“Writing Guru Discourses Speaks,” 6 Texas Paralegal Journal 25 (2000)

“Good Practice Gives Prompt Feedback, Seven Principles of Higher Education,” 49.2 Journal of Legal Education, 418 (1999)

“Failure to Teach: Due Process and Law School Plagiarism,” 49.1 Journal of Legal Education, 236 (1999)

“’Mister’ Indeed!,” 10 UIL Leaguer (October 1999)

“Confusion and Conflict about Plagiarism in Law Schools and Law Practice,” Perspectives on Plagiarism and Intellectual Property in a Postmodern World, ed. Lisa Buranen & Alice Roy. State University of New York Press, 1999

“Doctrine of the Last Antecedent: The Mystifying Morass of Ambiguous Modifiers,” 2 Journal of Legal Writing, 1996

“U.S. News & World Report ‘Notices’ Legal Writing Programs,” Perspectives, Spring 1995 “Writing Exercise is Exercise,” Texas Bar Journal (November 1994)

“Power Editing,” Texas Bar Journal (March 1994)

“Quick Tricks for Organization,” Texas Bar Journal (April 1993)

“I Use Them! Law School Portfolios,” Section of Legal Writing, Reasoning and Research, Association of American Law Schools (April 1993)

“That Sophisticated Semicolon,” Texas Bar Journal (November 1992)

“Beware of Ambiguous Modifiers,” Texas Bar Journal (September 1992)

“Jurors, Not Serfs,” Texas Lawyer (July 6, 1992)

“A Reference Library for Drafters,” Texas Bar Journal (June 1992)

“Cast Your Vote: Doctrine of the Last Antecedent,” The Second Draft (April 1992)

“Teaching Advice from a Professional Writer,” (review) The Second Draft (April 1992)

“The Craft of Successful Drafting,” Texas Bar Journal (December 1991)

“The Secret Arguments Against Plain English,” The Second Draft (October 1991)

“Punctuating With Commas,” Texas Bar Journal (June 1991)

“What’s New in Rhetoric: Writing Centers,” The Second Draft (June 1991)

“Writing’s A Touchy Subject,” Texas Bar Journal (May 1991)

“Deliberate Sentence Structure,” Texas Bar Journal (February 1991)

“The Premature Deaths of Writing Instructors,” Integrated Legal Research (Winter 1990-91)

“Grammar Rules Versus Suggestions,” Texas Bar Journal (December 1990)

“Sophisticated Language: Allusions and Word Play,” Texas Bar Journal (June 1990)

“What’s Happening in Rhetoric?” The Second Draft: Bulletin of the Legal Writing Institute (April 1990)

“Can Legal Writing Be Saved?” Texas Bar Journal (November 1989)

“Emulating the Pro’s Prose: Stylistic Consciousness,” Texas Bar Journal (May 1989); reprinted in 81 Mich. B.J. 42 (Dec. 2002); Scribes J. of L. Writing 2003-04, 195

“Compound Adjectives and Noun Strings,” Texas Bar Journal (March 1989)

“First Aid for Sentences, Part III: Of Marshmallows,” Texas Bar Journal (December 1988)

“First Aid for Sentences, Part II: Left-Handed Sentences,” Texas Bar Journal (October 1988)

“First Aid for Sentences, Part I: The Long Sentence,” Texas Bar Journal (September 1988)

“Reference Books for Legal Writers,” Texas Bar Journal (July 1988)

“Attorneys and Writer’s Block,” Texas Bar Journal (June 1988)

“Coordination and Subordination: Defining Relationships,” Texas Bar Journal (April 1988)

“Words and Their Meanings,” Texas Bar Journal (December 1987) [reprinted in In Res: Law Library Publications (January 1988)]

“Clip-and-Save Writing Guides,” Texas Bar Journal (November 1987)

“Help or Hinder: Partners Affect Associates’ Writing,” Texas Bar Journal (October 1987)

“‘Quotation Marks?’ She Queried. Or, The Arbitrary Rules Surrounding Quotation Marks,” Texas Bar Journal (April 1987)

“The Success—and Failure—of IRAC,” Texas Bar Journal (February 1987)

“A Case Against Case Names: Examination of the Structure of Legal Sentences,” Texas Bar Journal (January 1987)

“Let’s Test Your Basics,” Texas Bar Journal (November 1986)

“Re-Vision Before Editing,” Texas Bar Journal (September 1986) [reprinted in Law Office Economics Section Newsletter, The Florida Bar, October 1987]

“Cycle of Discontent: Lawyers and Judges,” Texas Bar Journal (July l986) [reprinted as “Legal ‘Double-Talk’ Confusing?,” in Oklahoma County Bar Association’s Briefcase (August 1986)]

“Comma, Comma, and Comma,” Texas Bar Journal (June 1986) [reprinted in THE TEXANA, Professional Secretaries International, September 1986]

“Trouble Spots: Salutations and ‘Prosecutrix’,” Texas Bar Journal (May l986)

“Organization and the Deductive Thrust,” Texas Bar Journal (March 1986)

“Focus on Density,” Texas Bar Journal (February l986)

“Sex and the Singular Pronoun,” Texas Bar Journal (January 1986)

“Min(d)ing the Field: Appellate Judges Speak Out,” Texas Bar Journal (December l985)

“Trouble Spots: ‘That/Which’ and ‘Only’,” Texas Bar Journal (October l985)

“Jargon 2: Just When You Thought It Was Safe,” Texas Bar Journal (July l985)

“Jargon: Manure, Margarine, and Moderation,” Texas Bar Journal (April 1985)

“Writing Like a Lawyer,” Texas Bar Journal (March l985) reprinted in Perspectives: Teaching Legal Research and Writing (West, January 1993)

Editing Workbook for Attorneys, Continuing Legal Education Seminars for practicing attorneys, l983-88, published by Law School, University of Texas

Editing Workbook for Opinion Writers, Continuing Legal Education Seminars for Judges, l984-86, published by Law School, University of Texas

Editing Workbook for Students, co-author with Fred Asnes, l984, published by Law School, University of Texas “Alsatian Architecture in Medina County,” Texas Buildings (Encino Press, l979) Book reviews for Abilene Reporter-News, l975-82 News/feature articles in Abilenian, l977-82

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